maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

Tidings (-m)

Hello my friends out there! Christmas is now past, all ham eaten & rice porridge digested. New Year went also quickly.

Good news also on the job front: I should have had one interview on the day (21th Dec) we arrived to Finland but due to delays in my flights I missed that one. That should have been in Helsinki and I would have had just enough time to have it before Katja's plane arrived. That is, if everything had gone as in movies.

Next one was on the very next day, 22nd Dec in Oulu, our university city. Rather ill-slept night as we drove from Helsinki to Oulu (ca 600km) overnight. Days between X-mas & New Year were mostly R&R and 4th Jan I had another interview in Tampere (google it). The very next day I was offered a position as electronics engineer in that company! So, I could say I am now an employed man! I will start working on next Thursday, that is 12th Jan. All in all, I was unemlopyed in Finland for 22 days... (compared to the 1.5 years in Canada).

Best Regards, Happy New Year etc. etc.